FAA Airman Knowledge Computer Testing

* Aircraft Dispatcher, Airline Transport Pilot & Flight Navigator

* Aviation Maintenance Technician: Airframe, General & Powerplant

* Commercial Pilot & Military Competence

* Flight Engineer

* Inspection Authorization

* Instructor: Flight, Ground & Sport Pilot

* Instrument Rating

* Parachute Rigger

* Recreational & Private Pilot

* Sport Pilot

* Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Testing Services Statement 

Our test proctors are certified and follow rules and regulations as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration and testing companies we partnered with.  

We provide and maintain confidentiality of all tests administered.

Testing Services Guidelines

Proper current government issued identification is required at the time of testing.  

Please refer to the FAA Test Matrix for more information about applicant identification, information verification and authorization requirements for FAA tests.

Testing Questions

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Schedule Location Information:

Aviation Academy Hawaii

Daniel K Inoue International Airport

14 Lagoon Drive

Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

Site #: LAS96804



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